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Deccan Material Handling solutions are crafted for tough handling conditions with ease. These rubberized heavy duty crates, utility crates and baskets are uniquely designed to make them extremely strong for roughest and toughest usage. Deccan Material Handling solutions have diverse applications in fishery, food processing, Agro industry, retail shops, and many other storing and transporting applications.

Buttis with Rope Handles

Unbreakable basket with rope handles. For handling fish, ice, fruits, vegetables and products of horticulture industry.

Sindhushree 25 Dimensions: ϕ 640mm, (H) 400mm

Sindhushree 21 Dimensions: ϕ 540mm, (H) 230mm

Sindhushree 18 Dimensions: ϕ 470mm, (H) 215mm

Sindhushree Baskets, Deccan Plast Industries.
Sindhushree 25

MRP: ₹ 385/-

Sindhushree Baskets, Deccan Plast Industries.
Sindhushree 21

MRP: ₹ 255/-

Sindhushree Baskets, Deccan Plast Industries.
Sindhushree 18

MRP: ₹ 245/-

Butti with Molded Handles

Unbreakable basket with molded handles. For handling agricultural produce, sand and concrete in consruction sites.

Dimensions: ϕ 530mm, (H) 165mm

Jayashree Baskets , Deccan Plast Industries.
Jayashree Butti

MRP: ₹ 225/-


Ghamela made using high quality unbreakable plastic. For agricultural produce, usage in construction site for sand and concrete.

Dimensions: ϕ 300mm

Shramashree Baskets , Deccan Plast Industries.
Shramashree 16

MRP: ₹ 140/-


Unbreakable 17 LTR bucket with molded handle. Most popular size for households or any hotel or lodge bathroom.

Dimensions: ϕ 335mm, (H) 400mm

 Buckets , Deccan Plast Industries.
Buckets 17 Ltrs

MRP: ₹ 175/-